Kids Hope USA


Kids Hope logo 3Kids Hope is a mentoring program for at risk elementary students.  New Hope Community Church partnered with Kids Hope USA in 2018.  The model looks like this:

— One child: an at-risk public elementary school child who needs a relationship with a caring adult;

— One hour: sixty critical minutes each week when a trained mentor befriends a child and becomes a stabilizing, positive influence;

— One church: a committed congregation who owns the program with its neighborhood school and provides a trained mentor and a behind-the-scenes prayer partner for each child; and

— One school: a school that welcomes this proven intervention to increase the academic skills of at-risk children, at no cost to the school.


New Hope Community Church partnered with Hewitt-Texas Elementary School, Wausau, in February 2018 to implement Kids Hope USA.  


WHAT IS KIDS HOPE?  Kids Hope USA is a national, non-profit organization which facilitates mentoring relationships with at-risk children through a church-school partnership.

KIDS HOPE USA MISSION STATEMENT:  Kids Hope USA builds life-changing relationships one at a time: One Child. One Hour. One School. One Church.

THE IMPACT OF KIDS HOPE:  In the words of John Ortberg, Pastor and Author, “Hope is the indispensable fuel for all human action. When hope dies, motivation dies. There is no longer any reason to try anything. But once hope enters a child’s heart, anything is possible.”  Kids Hope provides HOPE to at risk elementary children.  Kids Hope makes an impact in children’s lives.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT KIDS HOPE USA or to learn how your church can get involved, contact Donna DeKoning, Kids Hope Co-coordinator at New Hope Community Church, 715-845-8541 or